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Buying a Home

Buying a home is very exciting.  How often do you go through this process?  I can help you understand what sellers are legally required to disclose and what the Sellers can keep to themselves.

I will share industry trends, interpret statistics and advise you regarding the long-term value of the home you are considering.

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Buying a home is significant.  You would not buy a car without driving it first; so you as a Buyer are entitled to 'Kick the Tires' and 'go for a Drive'. 

The type of inspection performed are dependent on the property.  Commonly performed inspections are General House Inspection, Radon Testing, Sewer Scope.  A condo would not have a sewer scope inspection performed; however purchasing rural property you may want water test and septic tank/field inspection.

Every property is unique.  I like to discuss options with my clients.


The housing market in Oregon is competitive.  I recommend a Buyer acquire their financing BEFORE house hunting has started.   Are you looking for Conventional?  FHA?  VA?  USDA? Please ask me or see my article on Financing Requirements.

Michele Limas
Real Estate Broker
Licensed in Oregon and
michele limas real estate broker Oregon

phone:  503-704-8148


Please visit my FORMS and LINKS page for Buyers' Information.  

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