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Selling a Home

So you need to sell your home or investment property.  AND... you probably want to walk away from the sale with extra cash. 

The biggest expenses a seller has is preparing the property for selling, repairs and broker fees.

Preparing the Home for Sale

Each property/home is unique.  I recommend talking to me before spending money for new kitchen cabinets, as an example.  In my opinion a sparkling clean home sells itself.  Sometimes Buyers are distracted by clutter or fingerprints.  The best thing a Seller can do is Clean.  And clean again. 

Broker Fees

Talk to me.  I will work with you on the Broker Fee's.   I don't have the franchise fees like other national firms.  I am happy to work with you.


Photos is the first impression your property will make with a Buyer.  So let's try to bring out the WOW! factor.   I recommend hiring a professional.  A video is not necessarily required,  in other words, a deal breaker.  Property with a few acres or other features may want to have a drone photography. 

De-cluttering is also important.  I have attached a photo of a dining room.  Clean and Simple.

See my Forms and Links page for  a photo prep list.

Request a CMA - Free Market Analysis

I am happy to send you a CMA.  Just send me an request via email or call or text.  Then we can discuss what would make your house more marketable and what would be the best listing price.

Michele Limas
Real Estate Broker
Licensed in Oregon and Washington
michele limas real estate broker Oregon

phone:  503-704-8148


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